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The Van Do Kan is a concept created by Sovann Sam. The concept aims at exploring and at enriching the personal fulfillment of the human body in idea of philosophic fight through concepts which aim at succeeding in better one self-knowledge.

"Van" means Sovann in his mother tongue.
"Do" means the way.
"Kan" means the school.


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The Van Do Kan represents the development of a philosophy allowing to mix and to explore several martial arts to help the human being to develop his own human capacities.It aims at enriching the personal expression of the human body through the martial arts and through the feelings to develop the own expression of oneself for the evolution staff of the individual.

The Van Do Kan, does not represent a style or a discipline. It goes from a discipline to an other one by proposing various methods of trainings based on the martial and sports efficiency by using 3 main axes :

-The Fitness ( cardiovascular work, strengthening of the body and the stretch )

-The Van Do Kan Kickboxing ( development of the qualities feet fists )

-Wing Chun Kunf Fu Self Defense ( development of the techniques of hands naked, locks and brought to the ground )


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The Van Do Kan does not make distinctions between the styles, the schools or the various arts. It is a concept freed from the tradition which rejects the formalism. It uses all the ways, quite technical, quite average susceptible to serve its subject, the efficiency and all which works, and is thus locked into no ways, not to confine the human being in a single way of making things not to limit the human capacities.

It is about a work of liberation without limit of the fluidity of movements, by emphasizing an adequate use of the spirit and the body in the defense and the attack.

The martial art is the athletic expression of the dynamics of the human body. It is the deployment of what we are, of our angers, our fears while remaining oneself by being present in an instant, to be wholeheartedly involved in this particular moment and to give the best of oneself.

Every day, you learn. Every day, you progress. Every day, you mature.

The human being is in perpetual progress. He is always in a process of learning. If he is locked into a way which limits the way of making things, then he stops progressing.
The water which stops flow out becomes dirty and does not follow the current to reach its fate.
As the river which flows out, the life is a perpetual movement, a process in permanent movement. Each has to flow into this process, confide, become updated and develop.
The culture is the sense of the freedom and the creativity. To create, you have to express yourselves, and to express yourselves, you have to live. 






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The physical exercise is essential to be good in your body. A good physical condition maintains in everyday life and the sport is an excellent remedy in front of stress of the everyday life.
Whether it's of the stress in the work, the lack of sleep, a lack of dynamism, a lack of self-confidence … Sessions of fitness can only make you feel good and will help you to overcome all these troubles.

For the women, it's always the big depression after the childbirth. Your body changed, you can not live with yourself any more, you dream about the stomach that you had before, you can not look at yourself in front of a mirror. The fitness after the childbirth is essential to reconnect yourself with your body and especially your morale.
The advantages to practise a sports activity are multiple as well from the point of view of the health physical as mental. The well-being which accompanies the sport is translated by an earnings of vitality, an improvement of the quality of life and a mandate of well-being. To practise a sport protects the health and extends your life expectancy.



To keep your motivation, it is necessary to understand the importance of the impact of the sport on the health :


Img 6041 copier- better blood circulation

- increase of the power of the heart

- better oxygenation of muscles

- bigger solidity of the joints

- increase of the strength

- increase of the flexibility

- increase of the metabolism

- better control of the weight

- earnings of self-confidence

- feeling to be well

- harmony between the body and the spirit

- transformation of nervous tensions in healthy energy



For the health, it is recommended to practise the equivalent of at least 30 minutes walk rapids a day and at least one hour for the children and the teenagers.


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The swimming pool is a physical activity that brings multiple benefactions for your body and your health.

Indeed the swimming allows to strengthen your joints, to improve the health of your bones, to tone up your muscles and to develop your cardiovascular and respiratory capacities.

The water allows to decrease the tensions and the stress because it gets a sensation

to be well and of relaxation.





" Even if you are not a martial artist, practise a regular physical activity! It is good for the health! " Sovann SAM.



Indeed, the people practising a regular physical activity are generally less exposed to the obesity, to the cardiovascular diseases and to the cancers than the others. For the child and the teenager, it allows to assure a harmonious growth.


The physical activity allows to improve your physical condition, your mental health (anxiety, depression) and allows to stay shape ! To move more, it's to put the odds on his side to improve the quality of life.

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" Move for your health ! Be active ! ". Sovann SAM






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