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Sovann SAM




BIRTH DATE : 29 July 1980

HEIGHT & WEIGHT : 170 cm and 65 kg

LIVIN in Paris ( France ) 

SIBLINGS : Two brothers. Sovann is the third. 

ORIGINS : Cambodian ( with Laotian and Vietnamese roots )


RELIGION : Buddhism

STATUS : In a Relationship

PETS : A Boxer Dog named Meika.

LIKES : Sports, Martials Arts, Hip Hop R&B & Love music ...

MARTIAL ARTS SKILLS : Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Fitness ...




On July 29th, 1980, Sovann was born in " La Ferté-Bernard ", in the French province, under the sign of the Lion, and under the sign of the monkey in Chinese. His father is Laotian and his mother is Vietnamese Cambodian.

" My parents are both been born in Cambodia. They left Cambodia because of the war when Pol Pot and the Red Khmer have invades the country ... "









Sovann grew up in France, in Saumur, a peaceful town in province, where he crossed all his childhood and his adolescence. It's in 2001, at the age of 20 years old, that he decided to go to Paris for family reasons. Hosted by his aunt and his oncle, he worked in diverses domains, notably the sale, while continuing the sport ( martial arts, gym, body-building ... ).

" Today I live in parisian suburb. Paris is a big city. It's change enormously of the province ... "







Martial Arts


Img 6005The basic training of Sovann is the boxing feet fists and the wing chun kung fu inspired by Bruce Lee, his personal vision of Martial Arts and his experience on the martial way of the Jeet Kune Do, the way of the intercepting fist. His concept is " Absorb what is useful for you and reject what is not ".


" The JEET KUNE DO is a concept, and not a style. We learn several martial arts like Boxing, Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Judo ... and more ... We learn to intercept the attack of our opponent ... "



Sovann was always fascinated by the martial arts since the age of 14 years. He began by wanting to develop himself physically by practising body-building then the Kung Fu and the boxing feet fists with the Wing Chun inspired by Bruce Lee. He was also interested in the gymnastics and the acrobatic kicks of Taekwondo.




                                             -WING CHUN KUNG FU

                                             - TAEKWONDO and Gym


SHORT MOVIE :                   - RUMBLE MAFIA GAME, SOVANN VS BORY 2 ( 2009 )    

                                             - SOVANN VS BORY MAFIA ( 2008 )


Uvs140606 002


" As any art, the martial arts end in the knowledge of one. No matter the style, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Boxing, etc ... main thing is to express our body. It's not the art which makes the fighter, it's the fighter who makes the art. Every movement you make, punch or kick, the most important is not the movement, the most important is to eliminate your fears and to express oneself honestly. For example, you want to punch, it's necessary to punch frankly , not to hesitate one cm before, but to do it frankly. Always try to forge ahead and not to stay on experiences, always gradually and step by step ".


Vs150623 001


" I always liked the martial arts since my adolescence through the movies of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. I began by enjoying practising kicks and punches alone, then try to strengthen my body by practising body-building. And I was interested in the Kung Fu. The first time I was in a club of Kung Fu, I had not too much like the side artistic, let us say that is was not what I looked for. What I looked for it was the side efficiency. And then I discovered the boxing feet fists with the Wing Chun inspired by Bruce Lee and when I began to practise in a club, that pleased me at once! So I continued the lessons until the moment I was interested in the gymnastics. Run and jump is very interesting also to learn to know our body. I was also interested in the kicks of the Taekwondo. It's a very interesting thing. It's a pity the guarding is low, but the kicks are fantastic !". 






Sovann's Favorite Action Stars

Bruce Lee


" It's him who inspired me for the martial arts. It's the genius of the martial arts ! Child, I liked watching his movies and even today ! I trained a lot by reading his books, by watching his movies and videos ... It's my model ! He left an indelible mark in the history of martial arts. He had the physical appearance, the imposing presence, he had such an energy as we had the impression that he was going to go out of the screen .. "





Jackie Chan


" He entered at the school of the Opera of Pekin at the age of 7 years old. I like the way he moves, and his choreaography of fight where he always win with difficulty. He has a lot of idea, how to use the set ... And naturally his unforgettable stunts ! He really made impressive stunts where he risked his life. In Hong Kong he could make all the stunts he wanted, but in America, for his security, they did not let him make everything ... "





Sammo Hung


" He is like the older brother of Jackie Chan. They are of the same school, with Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah. Sammo was really impressive when he was young. He weighed practically 100 kg but he could move like a monkey ! "






Yuen Biao

" He is the third coming from the same school as Sammo and Jackie. So in the movies, it's the same style of fight as Jackie and Sammo. He was very agile also. "





Jet Li

" Very beautiful and very aesthetic. He practised Wushu during 10 years. The movie Kiss of The Dragon is my favorite movie."







Mark Dacascos

" He is a martial artist who regrettably was not really lucky to make big movies, except the movies Only The Strong, Crying Freeman, and Drive. He is a follower of the Kung Fu. He has a physical appearance ans a flexibility ... "






Donnie Yen

" I like his scenes of fight where he associates free fight, feet and fists, and fights on the ground, notably in the movie Flash Point. And we find even sequences of Free Running in his movies. He looks like very well in the screen and uses very good techniques also Kung Fu, Boxing, Wing Chun ... the famous movie Ip Man 1 and 2. "




Tony Jaa

" He made a box with the movie Ong Bak. The first time when I saw the movie in the cinema, I said " wouaaaaahhh ! ". I liked the scenes of fight where we discover a new art, the Muay Thai Boran. He has a very good spring which allows him to jump over a person. It's a pity that his movies Ong Bak 2 and 3 are not of the same quality ... "



Sovann SAM




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