April, 2015


- Video of the Van Do Kan Seminar of Sunday, March 29th, 2015 !








- Pictures of the Van Do Kan Seminar of Sunday, March 29th, 2015 ! 


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More pictures here : http://officialsovannsam.e-monsite.com/pages/content/stage-van-do-kan-dimanche-29-mars-2015.html






- Article of the Van Do Kan Seminar of Sunday, March 29th, 2015, appeared on Thursday, April 02nd, 2015 on the newspaper " Le républicain de l'Essonne " !



Stage 1


A martial art within reach of fist !


A seminar of martial art was proposed in the multi-purpose hall this weekend.


No need to live in the center of a megalopolis to be touch by the heterogeneousness of the cultures regarding sports. Saint-Escobille had the opportunity to have received his first lesson of Van Do Kan on Sunday, March 29th in the multi-purpose hall. It's about a martial art developed by Sovann SAM, which also aims at developing the sports capacities and the fitness. The specificity of this method is to take its roots in various multi-purpose techniques: kickboxing, kung fu and especially jun fan, the famous art invented by Bruce Lee. The result is a technique in flexibility which aims at saving the energy of the user.


"All I do is influenced by the technique of Bruce Lee, underlines Sovann SAM. The Van Do Kan is made of reflection and personal fulfillment. It helps people to know each other better, to fight against the stress of the everyday life. The martial arts also allow to control certain disorders and develop better one control of feelings. For me, it's more to learn to know each other oneself. In most of the schools, it's the student who adapts to the art, here it's the art which adapts to the student ".


The purpose being that every student can find some benefit but especially better know each other through the martial arts. From now on every Monday and Wednesday evening, Saint-Escobille welcomes these lessons.



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