March, 2016


- Video and pictures of Sovann demonstration in Samaki Arts Event 2016 !


Sovann participates in Samaki Arts Event 2016, an event organized by the association Samaki Kohn Khmer.

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Pride, Identity, Solidarity. It's through these words that the association Samaki Kohn Khmer gathered on Friday, February 26th, 2016, at the House of Associations in Paris, the new Cambodian generation around a charitable and symbolic event of a cultural interbreeding : the Samaki Arts Event.
The time of a show coupled of a dance, the association Samaki Kohn Khmer invited the young Khmers and the lover of the Cambodia to express this double culture and to reveal the talents which arose from it. Singers, rappers, dancers, boxers, artists, humorists, showed the diversity of their talents to tempt this new Cambodian youth to gather and to protect what we inherited. A forum of associations and the stands of Cambodian gastronomy were also present to lead this evening of festivities.

Sovann made a Van Do Kan demonstration which was appreciated a lot by the audience !



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