June, 2014


New video of Sovann SAM Van Do Kan Kick Boxing Workout !

 The punch bag can be really an effective tool to learn to apply the power.
The work in the bag is going to eliminate your stress, and it's going to learn you to coordinate the diverse parts of your body, in a effective and coherent way. You can learn to develop certain qualities such as the rhythm, the timing, the balance, the power, the dodges and the precision.



Be careful not to take bad habits because the punch bag don't hit back ! Remain careful and always in guard after you have given a blow. Don't fall in a system of execution of mechanical strikes feet-fist. Hit the bag with a real passion and give meaning to each of your strikes as if you really fight in front of an opponent.

" At first, look for the shape, the good technique, and then the power.
Always keep your guard tight with the high hands and allow you no second of opening in your guard.
Move move move permanently! Turn around the bag, hit, feint, dodge, chain, vary your attacks and hit in the movement as if the bag was a fighter.
Use the balance of the bag to dodge or to parry.

The power of the punch or the kick does not result from the vigour with which the blow is given as a lot of people imagines, but by a good contact at the right time with the good positions of the body. It's not only arms or legs which deliver the blow, but all the body with the deployment of hips, the strength abdominal, the bust and the feet in good position and in balance ". Sovann


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