July, 2015


- Article of the Van Do Kan's Seminar of Sunday, July 19th, 2015, appeared on July 30th, 2015, in the newspaper " The Republican of the Essonne "!




A martial art to become more complete

ArticleA very pleasant outdoor session.



The activity of the Van Do Kan concluded its season by an outdoor seminar.

After 7 months of Van Do Kan's lessons, it's time to have a break for the students of Sovann Sam. To mark the event, an outdoor seminar was organized for the first time, at the stadium of Saint Escobille, on Sunday, July 19th, 2015. The opportunity to unite the various experiences of the year but also to have a lesson of Tai Chi by Manu Boulestreau, from the association MASC' N'CO. « They manage well, they are concentrated and attentive, underlines Manu Boulestreau. They have good bases ».

The purpose of the Van Do Kan trainings is the personal fulfillment. So, the disciplines are multiple to what are added of the kickboxing and the kung fu. « We are going to use everything so the individual can absorb only what he wants, explains Sovann Sam, the professor. We combine technique and instinct. It's important not to remain congealed in an education but to go to see somewhere else. What pleases the students, it's the versatility, what allows of not to bother ».

The Van Do Kan has for purpose this personal fulfillment which uses the discovery of oneself the most pleasant aspects in the martial arts. It's this objective that don't lose sight of Sovann Sam. A method which convinces because some of his students come from «  Eure-et-Loir », even « Hauts-de-Seine ». The lessons will start again from the comeback of September.









- Pictures of the Van Do Kan Seminar on Sunday, July 19th, 2015, organized and conducted by Sovann SAM at the stadium of Saint Escobille !


Sovann organized a second Van Do Kan seminar of 4 hours, this time outdoors, at the stadium of Saint Escobille. He introduces an initiation of Tai Chi Chuan during the first hour of the seminar by bringing in Emmanuel Boulestreau of the association MASC'N'CO, instructor of Tai Chi Chuan.

Img 5915


Sovann introduces his Van Do Kan concepts. Trapping, Chi Sao et Kicking were there !

Img 5958 copie 2

Img 5960 copie

More pictures here : http://officialsovannsam.e-monsite.com/pages/content/van-do-kan-seminar-july-19th-2015.html


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