February, 2014


Press article of the VAN DO KAN in the newspaper " Le Républicain de l'Essonne " !



Van Do KanSovann SAM shows good sequence of movements to Laurent.


On Thursday, February 13th, 2014





A new association built up itself in the village. VAN DO KAN suggests participating in the personal fulfillment of the human body.

The VAN DO KAN leans on the rules of the most famous martial artist in the world : Bruce Lee.

" Everything is based on the JEET KUNE DO, the art of Bruce Lee. Few people know this art. The VAN DO KAN is an extension which dates the 60s. The practice allows to end in a personal fulfillment ", explains Sovann SAM, the founder and the professor of the club of Saint-Escobille.

The sessions take place with several precise objectives. " We begin with a cardiovascular work then of strengthening of the body and the stretch ", he explains. Sovann works then individually with every pupil on the development of the qualities feet fists and the techniques of naked hands, as well as on the martial and sports efficiency.
" All this work allows to know better his talents, his performances and so to channel his anxiety to end in a feeling of self-confidence and well-being ", he explains.

With 15 years of experience in the discipline, Sovann SAM was the first beneficiary, in his personal life, of these teachings.

Today the VAN DO KAN has already 4 pupils. Modest debuts certainly but the first pupils are seduced by the discipline.
" My son was very uncommunicative on himself and did not know how to say no. Since November, he gained confidence in him ", confide Angélique, the mom of Killian, 10 years old.

" I have blow up a barrier. With the VAN DO KAN, we keep the best of every discipline. I started at the moment when I began a new mission in the work and, between the sessions which I do here on Thursdays evenings and the jogging which I resumed, I found a balance ", admits Stéphane, 41 years old.

Teddy Vaury


Web site : http://officialsovannsam.e-monsite.com/

 Contact : sam.sovann@hotmail.fr ou







New pictures of Sovann SAM for his VAN DO KAN concepts !


 Img 3084


" The VAN DO KAN is not a style or a discipline ... It's a concept of personnal fulfillment ... "


360 kick


" The VAN DO KAN aims at succeeding in better one self-knowledge, to know his talents or performances and to eliminate his pathological aspects as the fear, the stress, the shyness... "


               Ding Bo   Ding Bo 2   Tan Sao   Kwan Sao   Kwan Sao       

               Bai Jong   Img 3084   Wing Chun Dummy   Sovann SAM   Img 31301     




" The VAN DO KAN is a concept based on two elements .... my experience of martial arts ... and the concepts of the JEET KUNE DO, the art of Bruce Lee... "

Sovann SAM

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