February, 2013


New pictures ! Sovann SAM Grip machine


" Here is the acquisition that I am the most proud of ! The Grip machine of Bruce Lee ! " Sovann SAM

bruce-lee-grip-machine.jpg    gripping-machine.jpg    grip-machine.jpg

This unique forearm-training machine was built specifically for Bruce Lee by his friend and student, Georges Lee. Bruce Lee actually designed the machine on paper according to his own exacting standards, and Georges Lee, who was a masterful metal worker, construct it.

grinpping.jpg         sovann-gripping.jpg         training-grip.jpg

The machine featured an upper bar that was fixed in position, and a lower handle that could be pulled up to come in contact with the upper bar. Attached to the lower handle were several barbell plates that provided the resistance.
The object of this exercise is to open and to close the hand into a fist, with every movement of the hand subjected to intense muscular overload to train the gripping or flexor muscles of the forearms.


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