August, 2015


- Some photos of Sovann during July-August, 2015 !


" Even if you are not a martial artist, practise a regular physical activity! It is good for the health ! " Sovann SAM.

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 The swimming pool is a physical activity that brings multiple benefactions for your body and your health.

Indeed the swimming allows to strengthen your joints, to improve the health of your bones,

to tone up your muscles and to develop your cardiovascular and respiratory capacities.

The water allows to decrease the tensions and the stress

because it gets a sensation to be well and of relaxation.


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For the health, it is recommended to practise the equivalent of at least 30 minutes walk rapids a day and at least one hour for the children and the teenagers.

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Indeed, the people practising a regular physical activity are generally less exposed to the obesity, to the cardiovascular diseases and to the cancers than the others. For the child and the teenager, it allows to assure a harmonious growth.

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The physical activity allows to improve your physical condition, your mental health (anxiety, depression) and allows to stay shape !

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To move more, it's to put the odds on his side to improve the quality of life.


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" Move for your health ! Be active ! "

                                          Sovann SAM.


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