August, 2012



New video and photos ! Bruce Lee's Chinese Gung Fu by Sovann SAM


In 1963, Bruce Lee published his first book of Kung Fu entitled the Chinese Gung Fu. Sovann presents us his techniques of Wing Chun Kung fu Self-Defense, from this famous book.


 " In 1963, Bruce Lee published his first book of Kung Fu, entitled the Chinese Kung Fu,

He exposes us his techniques of the Wing Chun Kung Fu, the first martial arts he learnt of his master Ip Man.

What is interesting in this book, it's that he shows us by drawings, how to work legs and the belt abdominal.

For me it's a cult book, a real treasure. We can see pictures from the 60s. It's really rare and really interesting ... Bruce Lee says himself in this book, by studying his techniques, we cannot claim to become a Kung Fu master. They are simply effective techniques, simple and effective of self-defense. "

                                                                                                                                               Sovann SAM



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