April, 2014

Sovann vdk


New pictures of Sovann SAM !


The core strength is an exercise of muscular strengthening which consists in maintaining or in reaching a position requesting generally the abdominal belt and to allow an in-depth work of all the muscles of the body (abdominal muscles, lumbar vertebrae, the oblique muscles, glutei, abductors, feeders).


In the practice, its work allows to improve the solidity and the stability of the architecture of the human body.


It is fundamental in the sport and the martial arts to realize the good techniques, and allows to optimize the performances, to protect the health and to develop the body.




Planche" The Planche ! Excellent for the strengthening of the top of the body and the abdominal muscles ... "


" Dragon Flag, like Bruce Lee my idol ! One of the best hardcore abs exercices ... "Dragon flag



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