April, 2011


Reeducation of the knee after the sprain

Further to his sprain of the knee, Sovann does reeducation at the physiotherapist.

Objectives :  

 - recovery of a good quality of contraction, locking of quadristocks and the " knee which rises "

 - Work on press for the intensification of quadristocks

 - Intensification of the muscles which guide the knee as soon as it's in flexion

 - Recovery of the amplitudes : extension the flexion completes gently

 - Reliable resumption in the vague knee

 - Functional gestures as the walking

 - Rise and descent of staircases ans concrete cases

 - Jogging

 - Proprioception as trampoline and the various steps : small stride, jumps in two feet, or on one foot ...


Work on press at the physiotherapist.

" That strengthens the knee and that redevelops the muscle of the quadristocks. It's hard but that allows the leg to recover very fast ... "


Jogging outside.

" It was very hard the resumption of the jogging because my calf caught cramps but after that, it was a real pleasure to be able to rerun, ideally for the muscles and the reeducation of my leg and the cardiovascular ... "

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